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Why you need woman older than you when you are 20 years old

Nowadays, it is not a surprise to see older women dating younger men. According to the research, a lot of young men when comes to the age 20 goes on a date with mature women. Older women dating are much more likely of the younger guys.

Reasons why guys date older women

Here are the reasons why some guys go on a date with older women:

Older women have their own life, they have their own career, own circle of friends, they have their own money, and own apartment. Older women will never request for your attention.  They are not that clingy. They can handle their life even though you are not around. And the fact that they have their own money only shows they worked hard to have it.

They know exactly what they want. Older women are not afraid to say what they want and what they don’t want. Mature women are less willing to play games and they are much willing to do everything to take what they want. Mature or older women are capable of being more direct with her desire and purpose. A lover can be a part of their lives but will never become dominate.

Mature women don’t act in a large group. When you go on a date with a younger one, you also have to date her friends. Younger ladies can’t make decisions without consulting their friends. Mature women have her own friends, but she doesn’t need the approval of them to go on a date with you and live her life. In fact, it is one of the reasons why it is more amazing to go on mature women dating.

Older women do not need you but want you. Older women dating younger men know that their time will not fall into thousands of pieces if they don’t have a boyfriend but would love to have one. Mature women already realized who they are and what are the things they want to do, they just love someone where they can share it.

And lastly, on why you need woman older than you is that she can make you a better person. It shows that mature women dating younger men are one of the factors that can help the younger men to be a better person. Because older women are more experienced you can learn more from them. Dating mature women can give you a chance to learn something about how to have better relationships, dating and about life. They have good insight that they’ve gained from their past relationships. They already know what can work as well and what is not. They’ve to try different things and they can introduce it to you. She can help you gained different perspective in life. Older women know how to appreciate you. She is more mature and because of that, you can learn a lot of things from her. You can learn how to treat women very well, you can be extra confident to have striking conversations to others, you will now understand the women, even more, you can also read what’s in the mind of the women, you can learn a lot of knowledge for your future wedding.


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