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About cougarswoo is the best and most effective cougar dating site for cougars and cubs. Do you like the cougar? Do you want to feel the charm of experienced women? Cougars know who they are and what they want in a relationship. They keep independent for the income and social relation. "The beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows! ".The time just increased not only their experience,but also made them looked attractive. You are not alone when you choose the cougar dating. The cougars will teach you many things that you never known. For fun or serious relationship,it's your mind.

Why you need woman older than you when you are 20 years old

Nowadays, it is not a surprise to see older women dating younger men. According to the research, a lot of young men when comes to the age 20 goes on a date with mature women. Older women dating are much more likely of the younger guys.

Reasons why guys date older women

Here are the reasons why some guys go on a date with older women:

Older women have their own life, they have their own career, own circle of friends, they have their own money, and own apartment. Older women will never request for your attention.  They are not that clingy. They can handle their life even though you are not around. And the fact that they have their own money only shows they worked hard to have it.

They know exactly what they want. Older women are not afraid to say what they want and what they don’t want. Mature women are less willing to play games and they are much willing to do everything to take what they want. Mature or older women are capable of being more direct with her desire and purpose. A lover can be a part of their lives but will never become dominate.

Mature women don’t act in a large group. When you go on a date with a younger one, you also have to date her friends. Younger ladies can’t make decisions without consulting their friends. Mature women have her own friends, but she doesn’t need the approval of them to go on a date with you and live her life. In fact, it is one of the reasons why it is more amazing to go on mature women dating.

Older women do not need you but want you. Older women dating younger men know that their time will not fall into thousands of pieces if they don’t have a boyfriend but would love to have one. Mature women already realized who they are and what are the things they want to do, they just love someone where they can share it.

And lastly, on why you need woman older than you is that she can make you a better person. It shows that mature women dating younger men are one of the factors that can help the younger men to be a better person. Because older women are more experienced you can learn more from them. Dating mature women can give you a chance to learn something about how to have better relationships, dating and about life. They have good insight that they’ve gained from their past relationships. They already know what can work as well and what is not. They’ve to try different things and they can introduce it to you. She can help you gained different perspective in life. Older women know how to appreciate you. She is more mature and because of that, you can learn a lot of things from her. You can learn how to treat women very well, you can be extra confident to have striking conversations to others, you will now understand the women, even more, you can also read what’s in the mind of the women, you can learn a lot of knowledge for your future wedding.


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Older Women Dating Relationships in Canada

With the prominence of older women dating, there is no wonder why Canada, as one of the best places in the world has engaged in this kind of relationship experience. This simply means that everything is now clear to us. Age is just a number and the wrinkles are just on the outside layers of the skin; those have nothing to do with the flair in heart date with younger lads to find a true love. There are no rules when it comes to a relationship. No age discrimination. No numbers. No ideal year gaps. All are set aside when true love exists.

Getting back to the Canadian cougar dating, there are lots of reasons comprising the essence of dating older women in Canada. And here are only a few of them: Continue reading

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How to Find a Cougar on the Professional Cougar Dating Site

Nowadays, the dating sites are not only made for young ones who are looking for a same-aged partner but there are men who are more interested in having relationships with older women. Cougar dating is now becoming a trend today since some men find older women more attractive than young ones because they are more experienced and know how life runs. There are lots of cougar dating site that can be found today but finding a cougar is a big problem. The internet is not a world of honest people but it is also a world of people who loves to make fools to others and one way of making it possible is by using dating sites.

There are men who encourage other men to find a cougar because it will give them the love that they are looking for. Around the world, cougar dating exists and it is unstoppable. You cannot simply stop a man from loving a cougar because it is his own personal choice. But to find a cougar is a big issue since you doesn’t know which ones are the one for you.

Continue reading

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Cougar Dating for a Fun and Exciting Date

If people these days will look back few decades ago, taboo of older women who are dating younger men is still here. Many individuals are surprised upon seeing those younger women who are years older than their dates. But in these modern days, cougar dating is considered as a trend and is accepted in the society. Continue reading

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Cougar Dating In UK

Slang words used for the women who have inclination towards making relationship with more younger men/guys are called cougar. Well, it is not wrong to establish relation with younger man if she wants a serious relationship especially when guys are also interested in cougars too.

Well, it is a real fun to have younger woman to hangout and date with but one cannot deny that younger women are hotter and cute but at the same time, are childish and very demanding too. Guys find it annoying when their girl or woman doesn’t provide them the necessary personal space. Most of the guys don’t deny it that they do not only want to date and romance comparably older woman but they also find them hotter and deserving enough to have relationship with. There are extremely good looking cougars and even guys are dying to meet them but the question arises how?

Now, here the role of cougar dating sites starts where all the cougars who waiting for their cubs can find the apt partner to date with and guys can have cougars online to chat and date with. Every cougar in the town does not want a sex mate but most of them are looking for a not so random affair but to seek a meaningful relationship. Cougars don’t wish for unrealistic expectations in the relationship and so being with them, guys can confront the fact that falling in love and proposing someone is not a big deal but being in love and maintaining the relationship is. It not only is a commitment but a definite sort of responsibility too.

Cougars are believed to be women of looks with intelligence and wit

Cougars are not only beauty with brains but also funny, witty and independent too. They can give the feel of a sensible as well as responsible partner. Moreover, they are also specific about their needs and likes/dislikes which means a no confusion relationship which is a much common issue in young adults relationship. Cougars want exactly the same what guys look for i.e. a relationship with no melodrama and pure action. This is gaining fame amongst people rapidly. They are exploring cougar dating websites to find their favorable partners but which site exactly can fulfill their expectations, they don’t know. Guys and cougars interested in dating each other must visit to find compatible partners for each other.

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What Is The Difference Between Cougar Dating And Sugar Momma Dating

One of the toughest distinctions to make in the world of modern dating is the difference between a cougar and a sugar momma. People tend to confuse the two on a fairly regular basis, so it is important to draw a line in the sand and establish the differences, so that dating is made simpler.

Let’s start by explaining the obvious. A sugar momma is someone who is seeking a mate that she can provide for and take care of, on a financial level. She may also want a mate who can stimulate her mentally, but this is not always a must. The relationship between the two parties could even be considered to be an open ended partnership, if the sugar momma and the sugar baby agree to these terms.cougar dating

While the sugar momma typically offers financial assistance to her sugar baby, there is not always a major difference in age. This is where the confusion often comes into play, since a sugar momma is usually older than her sugar baby. But this does not make her a cougar.

For those who are curious about the exact age when a woman becomes a cougar, 40 is the usual cutoff point. A sugar momma is often over 40, but she may not consider herself to be a cougar. Sugar babies and cougar seekers should be sure to bear these numbers in mind, before they end up barking up the wrong tree.

On the other hand, cougars are women over 40, who enjoy the company of younger men. They may simply want to hang out with someone who is still young and vibrant, without any money changing hands. Perhaps they feel young at heart, or maybe they want a man who can handle their needs in the boudoir, without getting winded.

A cougar is not usually looking to provide any sort of financial assistance to her cub and the cub is at least ten years younger than she. Cougar dating is about finding a special connection with someone who shares the same ideas and values, and yes, there is also a sexual connotation involved. Women are just like men, in the sense that their tastes do not change as they grow older.

In modern society, it is becoming more and more acceptable for a woman to date a man who is at least 10 years younger than her. A cougar dating site provides the opportunity for her to find the connection she seeks, without being confused for a sugar momma in the process.

While a sugar momma often looks for a younger man to start a relationship with and support financially, a cougar who is using a cougar dating site is looking for a cub who can handle his own and handle her at the same time.

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What are the most needs of mature women

The fascination of young men towards older women dating probably started after watch 1967’s film “The graduate”, but the term was MILF (Mom I’d Like To F**K) was not coined and popularized until American Pie (Stifler’s Mom). And once this movie hit the theatres the number of young men wanting cougars increased dramatically.

mature-datingMany of the young men understand that older women have a different kind of allure to them, they have the experience to go with the looks. Many time when dating a cougar she is the one that teaches you how to better please a women. Many of the young women, may not even dare to try some of things the older women are fine with trying.

Cougar dating is not easy, they are not dumb, they know exactly what they want and, they don’t appreciate childish behavior. They expect you to act maturely and impress them with your brains and not brawns. They may like your toned body and looks but it can easily turn against you if you act dumb and fake.

There are numerous reason why young men are interested in older women dating. And it’s not always about sex. And if you find yourselves attracted to a cougar dating, then you need to up your game, simple things like a $4 flowers won’t work. Remember it’s the thought that counts not the money, they already have it.

Here are some of the needs of the older women that you can use to woo the older woman you like.


Older women like men you pay and give attention to what they are saying or doing. To them, the knowledge of you paying attention towards them is lot more precious than any amount of expensive gifts. They want men to tend to their needs and pamper them.

Use this knowledge, and pay attention to what the older woman is saying and make you provide interesting insights towards the conversation.


Remember honesty is the best policy, this is especially true while sugar momma dating. Don’t try to woo her with empty promises (remember she is the more experienced one, and can see through you clearly), you should be truthful about who and what you are. There is nothing new under the sun, she has already experience with what guys can say to get laid, so it will be helpful if you just be honest with, this will earn you brownie points.

Don’t be Rude

Being a gentlemen always works with the sugar momma dating. Nice guys may not be able to get young girls, it is the complete different with the cougars, only the nice guys get cougars. They don’t tolerate rude guys who are trying to act cool.


Make sure that your actions portray confidence not meekness. Even if you are not confident, it is strongly recommended that you fake it, if you have to. This is a must have quality for older women (even for some young women). Cougars are interested in someone who is not afraid of showing who he is and is completely secure with himself.

To feel young

This is probably the most important reason why older women date young men. They want to feel young and youthful again, and they can accomplish this by dating younger men. They like to feel how younger men make them fell special, and pamper them with various things. The energy and the enthusiasm of the young men is also very much appreciated by the older women.

Young men can use these tips and can devise or change their approach towards older women.

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5 Secrets You Don’t Know About Oolder Women Dating

Many young men have a fantasy of older women dating, in fact all men at some point in their life want to have the pleasure of dating an older women. It is a known fact that older women have more maturity and this tends to somewhat easy dating life because, older women do understand you as compared to dating a younger chick. Some of the very obvious benefits of dating an older women are:

  1. She has more sexual experience and as such can teach you a thing or two about how to please a women that you may not know about.
  2. If you are feeling blue or are demotivated, she has the perfect way to cheer you up (as she has experience and knowledge of such things)
  3. The right older women can have a lot of social connections, which can potentially help you in professional positions.
  4. An older women has seen it all (the drama and the reasons) and as such she won’t be bitching about idiotic stuff, which most of the time she won’t be having any time for.
  5. If you date an older women (a cougar dating) she won’t be jealous of things and will understand that even men have needs that need to be fulfilled.

So if you want to date a cougar, here are a few secrets that you may not know about older women dating:

1.      Have good conversation skills

Cougar DatingIf you want a sugar momma dating you, then you need to be able to be capable of having interesting conversations with her (dumb stuff won’t impress her). The main reason you don’t find a cougar dating a younger man is because, most of the young men are not capable of holding meaningful conversations and that is the biggest turn off for a cougar. To date a cougar you should be able to explain what you are speaking, to show that you know your stuff, this will earn you brownie points. Being able to hold conversations for long is said to be an important factor in the dating world, and if you are able to display this skill on the date, then you should be on the right path.

2.      Keep Your Promises

No women whether young or old, likes it when a man goes back on his word. This is true especially for the cougar’s. The older women have already had their share of men who try to bullshit their way through a relationship, so keep in mind she does not have time for a fake, keep it simple straight and truthful and you should do just fine. In any case you are unable to keep a promise, let her know, this will earn you some brownie points.

3.      Be funny

Laughter is the best way to ensure your success with sugar momma dating. Try to make her laugh, mix some sarcasm with humor to show off you knowledge. And make funny comments at the right time. The cougar’s also want to have fun and you should be able to provide them with it.

As they are older they may have more responsibilities than you, as such you can be their vacation time by making sure they have a good time.

4.      Be your own self

Don’t try to fake your way into anything. Older women don’t like it. Keep it simple and be real. The cougars are wise as they have already dealt with fair share of fake men. As such if you try to be fake or something you are not, they will pick it out immediately.

5.      Be playful

This is the most important thing, be confident. You can do this be being playful with her, by challenging her, this will tell her that you are your own man. And this is a big plus point in any cougars book.

Last but not the least treat her with respect, and you both can enjoy your time with each other.

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How To Identify A Real Life Cougar Dating Site

Currently, you will find innumerable amount of online woman dating sites online who tell you that they have lots of available single cougars who are interested in dating the young guys. Actually there are such cougars available in real world, and such cougar dating sites can be a big help when you want to find someone. But it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the legit and the fake sugar momma dating sites available.

cougars wooWhen you are a young man interested in older women, the hardest part is to find such women. Cougar dating is very hard, because it is very hard and time consuming to find the right woman for you. Older woman dating sites reduce this finding time drastically and the only thing you need to do is to impress the woman and you are ready to go. These type of site may very well be the easiest and the cheapest way to find the cougars. But the sad truth is that, there are a large amount of sugar momma dating sites available online that are just scam and their only job is to take money from you.

Identifying Real from the Fake

There is no doubt that online dating is the very best and can actually find you the right woman for you. But it’s not all fun and games, to get actual results you will have to invest some amount of time into it. There are a few ways you can check whether if a site is real or fake, like if the site promises some results that are too good to be true then that site is a fake, like its saying about getting you laid for sure, etc. Here are a few ways you can use to verify whether the site is real or not.

Number of members

This is one of the best way to see whether the site is real or not. Most of the reputed sites for online dating publically display their total number of members so that the astounding number can attract more members. If you see this number, then it should give you some kind of indication about how trustworthy this site is. And if the number is not displayed then there is something shady, you better shy away from the site.

Percentage of Cougars on the site

You can see whether the site has high number of cougars or not (the site may very well be a sausage fest). The higher the number of cougars the higher chances you have to actually meet someone.

Profile set up time

The legitimacy of the site can also be determined by the amount of total time required by a user to create and set up his profile (the details required). The higher amount of time required along with the high amount of details required generally tells you how legit a site is. If a site is fake, and they just want your contact info or payment info, then all they will be concerned are the details that give them such info, as such they will make the profile set up time ridiculously small.

Success Guarantee

This is one the best way to determine whether the site is legit or not. The site which guarantees you that you will get laid for sure, is fake, as there is nothing in this world that can force someone to date you if they don’t want to. Legit sites will most of the time will only guarantee about you meeting someone, after that it’s upon your skill to impress her.

These are some of the ways you can check whether a site is legit or not. Using these tips you can beware of the scams and enjoy the time online.

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Cougarswoo Has Announced The Launch Of Their Brand New Mobile Dating Service

The new mobile version has been launched to make it even easier for women to find young men. Through the use of their mobile device, women looking for young men for a great time can use the dating by searching for men through their age and area.Cougar Dating Mobile Site

Online dating has changed over the years. In the old days of dating, young men and woman would turn to dating sites to find someone for fun and a relationship. Now, that has all changed, and cougars have now turned to online dating to find a hunky young man who can keep up with their needs. One dating site that has kept up with the times and brings cougars what they want and need, is

More information click:


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