How To Identify A Real Life Cougar Dating Site

Currently, you will find innumerable amount of online woman dating sites online who tell you that they have lots of available single cougars who are interested in dating the young guys. Actually there are such cougars available in real world, and such cougar dating sites can be a big help when you want to find someone. But it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the legit and the fake sugar momma dating sites available.

cougars wooWhen you are a young man interested in older women, the hardest part is to find such women. Cougar dating is very hard, because it is very hard and time consuming to find the right woman for you. Older woman dating sites reduce this finding time drastically and the only thing you need to do is to impress the woman and you are ready to go. These type of site may very well be the easiest and the cheapest way to find the cougars. But the sad truth is that, there are a large amount of sugar momma dating sites available online that are just scam and their only job is to take money from you.

Identifying Real from the Fake

There is no doubt that online dating is the very best and can actually find you the right woman for you. But it’s not all fun and games, to get actual results you will have to invest some amount of time into it. There are a few ways you can check whether if a site is real or fake, like if the site promises some results that are too good to be true then that site is a fake, like its saying about getting you laid for sure, etc. Here are a few ways you can use to verify whether the site is real or not.

Number of members

This is one of the best way to see whether the site is real or not. Most of the reputed sites for online dating publically display their total number of members so that the astounding number can attract more members. If you see this number, then it should give you some kind of indication about how trustworthy this site is. And if the number is not displayed then there is something shady, you better shy away from the site.

Percentage of Cougars on the site

You can see whether the site has high number of cougars or not (the site may very well be a sausage fest). The higher the number of cougars the higher chances you have to actually meet someone.

Profile set up time

The legitimacy of the site can also be determined by the amount of total time required by a user to create and set up his profile (the details required). The higher amount of time required along with the high amount of details required generally tells you how legit a site is. If a site is fake, and they just want your contact info or payment info, then all they will be concerned are the details that give them such info, as such they will make the profile set up time ridiculously small.

Success Guarantee

This is one the best way to determine whether the site is legit or not. The site which guarantees you that you will get laid for sure, is fake, as there is nothing in this world that can force someone to date you if they don’t want to. Legit sites will most of the time will only guarantee about you meeting someone, after that it’s upon your skill to impress her.

These are some of the ways you can check whether a site is legit or not. Using these tips you can beware of the scams and enjoy the time online.

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  1. Angle Guyott

    My buddies would call me a milf for sure and I’ve had no shortage of guys approaching me. If you hit a dry spell there’s loads of datings sites or apps other than Tinder out there to hook up on right?

  2. Jane Keen

    Is a MILF someone like Laura Layne (who’s in her fifties or is it any mom who you’d simply like to ****. A friend of mine recently called me a MILF and I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or exctied.


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