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How to Find a Cougar on the Professional Cougar Dating Site

Nowadays, the dating sites are not only made for young ones who are looking for a same-aged partner but there are men who are more interested in having relationships with older women. Cougar dating is now becoming a trend today since some men find older women more attractive than young ones because they are more experienced and know how life runs. There are lots of cougar dating site that can be found today but finding a cougar is a big problem. The internet is not a world of honest people but it is also a world of people who loves to make fools to others and one way of making it possible is by using dating sites.

There are men who encourage other men to find a cougar because it will give them the love that they are looking for. Around the world, cougar dating exists and it is unstoppable. You cannot simply stop a man from loving a cougar because it is his own personal choice. But to find a cougar is a big issue since you doesn’t know which ones are the one for you.

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What Is The Difference Between Cougar Dating And Sugar Momma Dating

One of the toughest distinctions to make in the world of modern dating is the difference between a cougar and a sugar momma. People tend to confuse the two on a fairly regular basis, so it is important to draw a line in the sand and establish the differences, so that dating is made simpler.

Let’s start by explaining the obvious. A sugar momma is someone who is seeking a mate that she can provide for and take care of, on a financial level. She may also want a mate who can stimulate her mentally, but this is not always a must. The relationship between the two parties could even be considered to be an open ended partnership, if the sugar momma and the sugar baby agree to these terms.cougar dating

While the sugar momma typically offers financial assistance to her sugar baby, there is not always a major difference in age. This is where the confusion often comes into play, since a sugar momma is usually older than her sugar baby. But this does not make her a cougar.

For those who are curious about the exact age when a woman becomes a cougar, 40 is the usual cutoff point. A sugar momma is often over 40, but she may not consider herself to be a cougar. Sugar babies and cougar seekers should be sure to bear these numbers in mind, before they end up barking up the wrong tree.

On the other hand, cougars are women over 40, who enjoy the company of younger men. They may simply want to hang out with someone who is still young and vibrant, without any money changing hands. Perhaps they feel young at heart, or maybe they want a man who can handle their needs in the boudoir, without getting winded.

A cougar is not usually looking to provide any sort of financial assistance to her cub and the cub is at least ten years younger than she. Cougar dating is about finding a special connection with someone who shares the same ideas and values, and yes, there is also a sexual connotation involved. Women are just like men, in the sense that their tastes do not change as they grow older.

In modern society, it is becoming more and more acceptable for a woman to date a man who is at least 10 years younger than her. A cougar dating site provides the opportunity for her to find the connection she seeks, without being confused for a sugar momma in the process.

While a sugar momma often looks for a younger man to start a relationship with and support financially, a cougar who is using a cougar dating site is looking for a cub who can handle his own and handle her at the same time.

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How To Identify A Real Life Cougar Dating Site

Currently, you will find innumerable amount of online woman dating sites online who tell you that they have lots of available single cougars who are interested in dating the young guys. Actually there are such cougars available in real world, and such cougar dating sites can be a big help when you want to find someone. But it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the legit and the fake sugar momma dating sites available.

cougars wooWhen you are a young man interested in older women, the hardest part is to find such women. Cougar dating is very hard, because it is very hard and time consuming to find the right woman for you. Older woman dating sites reduce this finding time drastically and the only thing you need to do is to impress the woman and you are ready to go. These type of site may very well be the easiest and the cheapest way to find the cougars. But the sad truth is that, there are a large amount of sugar momma dating sites available online that are just scam and their only job is to take money from you.

Identifying Real from the Fake

There is no doubt that online dating is the very best and can actually find you the right woman for you. But it’s not all fun and games, to get actual results you will have to invest some amount of time into it. There are a few ways you can check whether if a site is real or fake, like if the site promises some results that are too good to be true then that site is a fake, like its saying about getting you laid for sure, etc. Here are a few ways you can use to verify whether the site is real or not.

Number of members

This is one of the best way to see whether the site is real or not. Most of the reputed sites for online dating publically display their total number of members so that the astounding number can attract more members. If you see this number, then it should give you some kind of indication about how trustworthy this site is. And if the number is not displayed then there is something shady, you better shy away from the site.

Percentage of Cougars on the site

You can see whether the site has high number of cougars or not (the site may very well be a sausage fest). The higher the number of cougars the higher chances you have to actually meet someone.

Profile set up time

The legitimacy of the site can also be determined by the amount of total time required by a user to create and set up his profile (the details required). The higher amount of time required along with the high amount of details required generally tells you how legit a site is. If a site is fake, and they just want your contact info or payment info, then all they will be concerned are the details that give them such info, as such they will make the profile set up time ridiculously small.

Success Guarantee

This is one the best way to determine whether the site is legit or not. The site which guarantees you that you will get laid for sure, is fake, as there is nothing in this world that can force someone to date you if they don’t want to. Legit sites will most of the time will only guarantee about you meeting someone, after that it’s upon your skill to impress her.

These are some of the ways you can check whether a site is legit or not. Using these tips you can beware of the scams and enjoy the time online.

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Cougarswoo.com Is The Ideal Dating Website Where Older Women Can Find Their Perfect Match In Younger Men.

Dating cougars has its own share of benefits, the first one being the fact that they are a lot more matured and have experience when it comes to being in a relationship and Cougarswoo.com is the ideal place to interact with a cougar or a cub based on the similarities that they share with each other.

DECEMBER.16th 2014 – Cougarswoo.com, as the name suggests, is a dating website that has been specifically designed for those who wish to specifically date cougars or cubs. Essentially, when one visits a generalized dating website, they may come across several men and women spanning different age groups. However, Cougarswoo.com is essentially different and very specific in the kind of people one can date.

The creators of Cougarswoo.com are aware of the fact that cougars tend to have a superior level of maturity and also have an immense amount of experience when it comes to dating men and this where the younger men can find their right match. This is especially appropriate for men who would like to have relationships with women who possess a sense of maturity and know exactly what they want, in addition to being independent.

Cougarswoo.com also compares a woman to wine; they tend to get better with age and that is why every man must, at least once in their lifetime, experience a relationship with a cougar. It need not necessarily be a serious one. However, as long as both the parties do not mind, they could also get together for some fun.

This social network brings together more than 100,000 members from all over the globe where they can meet their cougar or cub match with new members being added every single day. Cougarswoo.com has seen several couples who have successfully dated and stayed in a healthy relationship after meeting on this very website. It is fairly easy to be a part of Cougarswoo.com. All the user has to do is sign up with them at http://cougarswoo.com/ and fill in the necessary information to build up an impressive profile. Once that is ready, they can begin looking for their perfect cougar or cub match online.

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How To Date A Cougar On Cougar Dating Site

Date a cougar on the cougar dating site is the popular trend today.But most guys find it’s difficult to attract cougars’ attention because of a bad profile.So how to creat a beautiful profile and active are the important steps.

  1. Choose a good cougar dating site.You can google the keywords “cougar dating site” to find so many dating sites.But which one is the perfect for you? Try the cougarlife.com or cougarswoo.com. The first site is famous in America,owns the good reputation and plenty persons.The second site is absorbed in the US,UK,Canada and Australia and such europen countries.Not too many members,but suitable for meet the local cougars and cubs.
  2. Sign up.Almost the dating sites are free to sign up.But you still need to finish your profile carefully.

Write the “about me” and “about my match” longer and detailed.The research shows,the   more you write yourself and your match,the more you get the replies.Don’t use the rude or  pornographic words in your description.Not only for the good impression,but also for the reputation on this site.Cougar Dating

  1. Use the normal photos.Photos will show your personality and interest.More outdoor photos will plus for your image.Travel,fishing or play with the pets are the good sceneries.Don’t use the nude or fake photos.Make your pictures clear and friendly.Remember to smile.Every body like the easy going person.The more photos,the better.
  2. Be active.Send the emails detailed,more humorous.Don’t abuse somebody or use the pornographic words. Of course,not every woman keeps online all the time.If you can’t receive the replies ,don’t be discouraged. But don’t back yourself into a corner if she lose sight of you.Maybe you are not her type.
  3. Don’t limitted by distance.Also you can try a long distance relaitonship.Date the different person,date the different mood.

Couagr dating is not easy when you decide to try it.Be patient and confident,you will find the new life you never have owned.

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Why Should You Try Cougar Dating?

Middle-aged men and teenagers don’t really want to get that tag of a committed relationship and fall into a long-term relationship at an early age. However, women in today’s modernized era very well know how to keep themselves timelessly young and beautiful. This clearly becomes balanced. Cougar dating is perhaps, a phenomenon of younger men dating older women in their forty’s or more. This idea of a mutually beneficial relationship has gained impetus in the recent years. Here are a few reasons as to why you must try cougar dating:


  • Driving force in the connection: Cougars are experienced when it comes to handling relationships. They have known the pros and cons of dating through their past relationships. They know how to maintain a smooth and steady relationship without letting it go through upheavals. As a woman, she would try to make the relationship memorable and worthwhile. Cougars are surely the driving force in the connection as they would put in everything they have in pursuit of happiness and love.cougar_dating
  • Experienced in bed: Experience comes with practice and cougars know the drill more than their cubs. As a man, you will be fully satisfied and contended with her moves and the way she carries herself in bed. They tend to hit just right on the exotic spots and make you feel on the seventh heaven. They have that spark to ignite the best in you. It’s definitely worth it.
  • Maturity helps cultivate relationships: Cougars aren’t like the ex-girlfriend you broke up with or like the girl next door. They are mature women who know how to drive a relationship with maturity. They don’t crib about small things or act in a possessive manner. They are in pursuit of happiness and support and have a very mature approach to dating.
  • Easier to find one: There are umpteen cougar dating sites wherein CougarsWoo.com seems to top the charts. If you are hunting for a cougar or for a cub, this is the best place to find one. It has been serving hundreds of people since more than a decade now. The website has an easy user-interface and the focus is on bringing cougars and cubs together on one platform. You can sign up for free and take pleasure in the unique features structured on the website which are truly addictive.

These are a few reasons that should convince you to date a cougar. Spice up your life by dating a cougar.

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10 Tips You Should Know About Cougar Dating

Cougar is a woman aged usually in her forties who is in exploration of younger men with an age gap of round about ten years or above. Cougar women commonly fit in to the cream class of the society owning lot of money. Their relationship status might be single or divorced or even married. It depends on her and the desires she craves for, if she wishes to seep in a long term bond with a younger man or she just wants to hang around for some time and then move on.

Here are some tips which you must acknowledge about cougar dating:Cougar Dating

  • First thing to note is that you must try and be flexible. Being stretchy would help you understand the person in a better way because you don’t regularly date a cougar and it is important to open yourself up to new ideas and broaden your thinking in all areas of your relationship.
  • Know what you are doing, there are two types of cougars; alpha and beta. Alpha cougars are those who are intelligent, clever and creep around stalking for sexual authority. Betas just want to hunt around and try to make them feel good. Go for the alphas because they are the real cougars you must date.
  • There always has to be a two way approach which must be followed. Try to make her believe your compliments for her are true. Support each other and that’s how the relationship is going to work.
  • Live in the moment and don’t focus on what will happen tomorrow or five years down the line. Try to enjoy the present to the fullest and everything else can wait.
  • Don’t focus on the age difference because it completely turns off the whole mood and your relationship begins to slump.
  • Don’t make promises you cannot abide by. Trust is an important factor of any relationship, which is why you should try making her realize that you are the one. Cougars have already had their share of experiences so try to show your girl that she is special for you.
  • Try to start with foreplay. They are any day more mature in sexual experiences than you are so try to show your best side up and impress your cougar.
  • Don’t make her feel bad about what she is because she isn’t your ex-girlfriend. Make her feel special and always respect your relationship.
  • Don’t play games with her. Her instincts are far better than yours so treat her right and she would do just the same for you.

When you are about to hit on cougar dating, remember that real cougars are willing to do everything worth in chase of happiness; keep your smart cards up in the relationship and just be who you really are.

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