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10 Tips You Should Know About Cougar Dating

Cougar is a woman aged usually in her forties who is in exploration of younger men with an age gap of round about ten years or above. Cougar women commonly fit in to the cream class of the society owning lot of money. Their relationship status might be single or divorced or even married. It depends on her and the desires she craves for, if she wishes to seep in a long term bond with a younger man or she just wants to hang around for some time and then move on.

Here are some tips which you must acknowledge about cougar dating:Cougar Dating

  • First thing to note is that you must try and be flexible. Being stretchy would help you understand the person in a better way because you don’t regularly date a cougar and it is important to open yourself up to new ideas and broaden your thinking in all areas of your relationship.
  • Know what you are doing, there are two types of cougars; alpha and beta. Alpha cougars are those who are intelligent, clever and creep around stalking for sexual authority. Betas just want to hunt around and try to make them feel good. Go for the alphas because they are the real cougars you must date.
  • There always has to be a two way approach which must be followed. Try to make her believe your compliments for her are true. Support each other and that’s how the relationship is going to work.
  • Live in the moment and don’t focus on what will happen tomorrow or five years down the line. Try to enjoy the present to the fullest and everything else can wait.
  • Don’t focus on the age difference because it completely turns off the whole mood and your relationship begins to slump.
  • Don’t make promises you cannot abide by. Trust is an important factor of any relationship, which is why you should try making her realize that you are the one. Cougars have already had their share of experiences so try to show your girl that she is special for you.
  • Try to start with foreplay. They are any day more mature in sexual experiences than you are so try to show your best side up and impress your cougar.
  • Don’t make her feel bad about what she is because she isn’t your ex-girlfriend. Make her feel special and always respect your relationship.
  • Don’t play games with her. Her instincts are far better than yours so treat her right and she would do just the same for you.

When you are about to hit on cougar dating, remember that real cougars are willing to do everything worth in chase of happiness; keep your smart cards up in the relationship and just be who you really are.

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