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Cougar Dating for a Fun and Exciting Date

If people these days will look back few decades ago, taboo of older women who are dating younger men is still here. Many individuals are surprised upon seeing those younger women who are years older than their dates. But in these modern days, cougar dating is considered as a trend and is accepted in the society. Continue reading

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5 Secrets You Don’t Know About Oolder Women Dating

Many young men have a fantasy of older women dating, in fact all men at some point in their life want to have the pleasure of dating an older women. It is a known fact that older women have more maturity and this tends to somewhat easy dating life because, older women do understand you as compared to dating a younger chick. Some of the very obvious benefits of dating an older women are:

  1. She has more sexual experience and as such can teach you a thing or two about how to please a women that you may not know about.
  2. If you are feeling blue or are demotivated, she has the perfect way to cheer you up (as she has experience and knowledge of such things)
  3. The right older women can have a lot of social connections, which can potentially help you in professional positions.
  4. An older women has seen it all (the drama and the reasons) and as such she won’t be bitching about idiotic stuff, which most of the time she won’t be having any time for.
  5. If you date an older women (a cougar dating) she won’t be jealous of things and will understand that even men have needs that need to be fulfilled.

So if you want to date a cougar, here are a few secrets that you may not know about older women dating:

1.      Have good conversation skills

Cougar DatingIf you want a sugar momma dating you, then you need to be able to be capable of having interesting conversations with her (dumb stuff won’t impress her). The main reason you don’t find a cougar dating a younger man is because, most of the young men are not capable of holding meaningful conversations and that is the biggest turn off for a cougar. To date a cougar you should be able to explain what you are speaking, to show that you know your stuff, this will earn you brownie points. Being able to hold conversations for long is said to be an important factor in the dating world, and if you are able to display this skill on the date, then you should be on the right path.

2.      Keep Your Promises

No women whether young or old, likes it when a man goes back on his word. This is true especially for the cougar’s. The older women have already had their share of men who try to bullshit their way through a relationship, so keep in mind she does not have time for a fake, keep it simple straight and truthful and you should do just fine. In any case you are unable to keep a promise, let her know, this will earn you some brownie points.

3.      Be funny

Laughter is the best way to ensure your success with sugar momma dating. Try to make her laugh, mix some sarcasm with humor to show off you knowledge. And make funny comments at the right time. The cougar’s also want to have fun and you should be able to provide them with it.

As they are older they may have more responsibilities than you, as such you can be their vacation time by making sure they have a good time.

4.      Be your own self

Don’t try to fake your way into anything. Older women don’t like it. Keep it simple and be real. The cougars are wise as they have already dealt with fair share of fake men. As such if you try to be fake or something you are not, they will pick it out immediately.

5.      Be playful

This is the most important thing, be confident. You can do this be being playful with her, by challenging her, this will tell her that you are your own man. And this is a big plus point in any cougars book.

Last but not the least treat her with respect, and you both can enjoy your time with each other.

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