What are the most needs of mature women

The fascination of young men towards older women dating probably started after watch 1967’s film “The graduate”, but the term was MILF (Mom I’d Like To F**K) was not coined and popularized until American Pie (Stifler’s Mom). And once this movie hit the theatres the number of young men wanting cougars increased dramatically.

mature-datingMany of the young men understand that older women have a different kind of allure to them, they have the experience to go with the looks. Many time when dating a cougar she is the one that teaches you how to better please a women. Many of the young women, may not even dare to try some of things the older women are fine with trying.

Cougar dating is not easy, they are not dumb, they know exactly what they want and, they don’t appreciate childish behavior. They expect you to act maturely and impress them with your brains and not brawns. They may like your toned body and looks but it can easily turn against you if you act dumb and fake.

There are numerous reason why young men are interested in older women dating. And it’s not always about sex. And if you find yourselves attracted to a cougar dating, then you need to up your game, simple things like a $4 flowers won’t work. Remember it’s the thought that counts not the money, they already have it.

Here are some of the needs of the older women that you can use to woo the older woman you like.


Older women like men you pay and give attention to what they are saying or doing. To them, the knowledge of you paying attention towards them is lot more precious than any amount of expensive gifts. They want men to tend to their needs and pamper them.

Use this knowledge, and pay attention to what the older woman is saying and make you provide interesting insights towards the conversation.


Remember honesty is the best policy, this is especially true while sugar momma dating. Don’t try to woo her with empty promises (remember she is the more experienced one, and can see through you clearly), you should be truthful about who and what you are. There is nothing new under the sun, she has already experience with what guys can say to get laid, so it will be helpful if you just be honest with, this will earn you brownie points.

Don’t be Rude

Being a gentlemen always works with the sugar momma dating. Nice guys may not be able to get young girls, it is the complete different with the cougars, only the nice guys get cougars. They don’t tolerate rude guys who are trying to act cool.


Make sure that your actions portray confidence not meekness. Even if you are not confident, it is strongly recommended that you fake it, if you have to. This is a must have quality for older women (even for some young women). Cougars are interested in someone who is not afraid of showing who he is and is completely secure with himself.

To feel young

This is probably the most important reason why older women date young men. They want to feel young and youthful again, and they can accomplish this by dating younger men. They like to feel how younger men make them fell special, and pamper them with various things. The energy and the enthusiasm of the young men is also very much appreciated by the older women.

Young men can use these tips and can devise or change their approach towards older women.

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